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Your one-stop shop for the most engaging classroom game ever that will make your students actually want to willingly practice any skill!

Hey Teacher bestie!
Let's Get Real For A Second...

Does this sound familiar? 

 Do you find yourself constantly scrolling through Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers looking for a new activity that will engage your students in the standards you're currently teaching? 

 Have you ever felt like your teaching isn't connecting or engaging your students like you want it to, but you know there has to be a simple way to make it happen that won't take more of your personal time? 

 Are you frustrated with spending extra money on Teachers Pay Teachers for every unit because the activity you bought last month doesn't fit with these standards? 

 Do you feel discouraged after spending multiple, maybe even dozens, hours each month trying to brainstorm a way to get your students excited and bought into your lesson or unit?


 This is why I've spent years experimenting, tweaking, and trying tons of strategies… until I finally found an answer to my frustrations with engagement.

I’m sharing the one-stop shop for Tumbling Towers with you in The Engagement File #1: A mini-course that is teacher-created and student-tested that gives you video lessons, a workbook Guide, templates, bonuses, and more so that you can bring the engagement factor into your classroom!

Repeat after me...

You are doing enough.

You have what it takes to make a difference.

You are valued.

You can—and will—make a difference in your students' lives without having to spend hours creating activities every week.

This isn’t about “fun” games. This is about giving your students opportunities to interact and buy into the content so they can grow. In this mini-course, I’ll share my process from start to finish, templates, and more so that you can seamlessly bring Tumbling Towers into your classroom and get engagement levels up.

Are you getting excited yet?
The Teaching Files #1: Tumbling Towers Edition

My comprehensive mini-course on everything Tumbling Towers so that you can get your students focused, engaged, and excited about your content! Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

Hi, I'm Natalie
My love for bringing engagement into the classrooms stems from growing up as a struggling math student. My favorite memories to date in the classroom all involve creating a space where my students were engaged, learning, and collaborating. 
 My passion for engaging my own students transformed into creating resources and activities to share with other teachers to do the same no matter what subject they teach.

Curious what the hype on The Engagement File #1 is about...

Over $100 worth of exclusive content...

at your finger tips for life.

What Other Teachers Are Saying:

“I had the opportunity to take the Tumbling Towers mini-course by Natalie, and I must say it was an amazing experience. Natalie's passion for student engagement was evident throughout the entire course, and she left no stone unturned when it came to delivering a comprehensive guide on how to bring this fun game to life in the classroom. The course covered everything from prepping and setting up the game, and storage information, to how to structure the game for maximum engagement, and classroom management tips. Natalie's attention to detail was impressive, she even included answers to every single question that came to mind in advance. What's more, she provided exclusive editable templates that are only available in this mini-course, which was a huge bonus for me. Overall, I am extremely thankful for this mini-course and feel equipped and ready to bring the Tumbling Towers game alive in my classroom. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to spice up their classroom activities and engage their students in a fun and interactive way. So, if you're thinking about taking the leap, go ahead and do it - you won't regret it!

Emily Kathleen

“My students LOVED using these as a review activity! It was a great tool for engagement and students kept busy all class long.”

Angela Haas

“My students absolutely loved this activity. They were highly engaged and I heard lots of great conversations between the students while working. They are asking when we will get to do this again. This will definitely be a staple in my math class.”

Isiah P.

"I love the Tumbling Towers! My students actually beg me about the next time they will have the opportunity to play with them. The engagement is very high and the level of productive struggle is definitely there!"

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